Training in valve disease

Regional (quaternary) valve clinic 2x weekly (for past 5 years)
Aortic valve MDT 1x weekly. Mitral valve MDT 2x monthly

Specialist valve activity

Regional (quaternary) valve clinic 2x weekly (for past 5 years) seeing 132 new and 165 follow-up patients each year.  Physiologist- and nurse-led components with a cardiology consultation available the same day if needed.

Aortic valve MDT 1x weekly  Mitral valve MDT 2x monthly

Patients seen
Moderate and severe native valve disease, and post intervention

In total 3 MDT per week.  Links with all cardiac services. One-stop echo usually available.  Patient information leaflets and web-based information.  PROMS used. Inpatient consultations available from 3 consultants.
Perform 500 CMR each year.
BHVS conference attendance, local registrar training x2, weekly StR supervision in valve clinic, local CMT teaching x2, BSE TOE examiner, FEEL examiner.

Last year: BCS valve components – 6; BSE valve components – 3; TOE/TTE external teaching/examining- 7. Last 5 years: BHVS – 12; ESC valve components – 15; BCS valve components – 20; BSE valve components – 3; TOE/TTE external teaching/examining- 25.

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Valve Societies
BHVS member.  BSE member (accredited for TTE and TOE).  EaCVI member (Level 3 CMR accredited).  SCCT member (Level 2 CT accredited)

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